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Fed up with all this hate? Tired of the arguments and master debates? Liz Estrada may have the answer. Let us allies come to this burlesque rally, to madly stare hate in its eyes.

he world may not be fine, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gather online to prevent disaster with a little bit of sex and laughter.

What could LIZ ESTRADA have to say to help today’s divisive and seemingly psychotic society go away? Plenty, it turns out in our ridiculously serious and seriously ridiculous modern take on Aristopanes’ sex strike fable to end all hate.


Join us for a witty, risky, naughty, Rhyming, innovative, interactive, and ultimately inspiring fantasy!


six performances only, Livestreamed to your home so you wont feel alone, with our full ensemble cast.


Presenting Liz Estrada’s masterpiece, Miles Beyond Entertainment -- one of 2020’s most awarded live-streaming producers -- has partnered with the female-centric Archipelago Creative group for this hilarious, sexy, innovative and heartfelt immersive experience where the audience just might laugh themselves delirious!


one online “ticket” is required for each household or devices at a time.


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